Good day!
We begin a developing of new AltMove 3 version.
We plan to make two(or more) versions of AltMove3. Atleast one will be free as AltMove version 2. This version will contains almost all actions 2nd contains. Moreover, it is built on modified engine of AloneKey and will allow to combine more key/mouse combinations, as you can see at the picture below.
Also, atleast one will be paid. But when it is alpha version, it will be free, everyone can try it. Time after time, we will upload new top versions, and when all will be fine, we'll divide them.

New common features (in match with 2nd version):

O'K! Now you can download and try AltMove3 Alpha.

Warning! Do not use AltMove3 with AltMove2 together!

Click to download AltMove3 1MB

Last changes:
- * "Map" feature for click area.
- Magnifier for windows 7.
- Some small fixes.

Thank all of you very much for your feedback! :)

All your comments and wishes you can send us: